Tokai First Shot

A pacifist alien caught between the crossfire of dueling powers between imperialism and religious zealots that pose a threat to his planet's very existence.
Tokai First Shot: Birth of Mewet
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Tokai First Shot: Birth of Mewet
7th Apr 2021, 12:51 PM
Author Notes:
Tokai Issue 1: First Shot introduces the origin story of the gods, the planet Arurha, and the current state of the world Tokai is living in. Destitute and friendless, Tokai saves a swindler named Kurteck, and unwittingly finds love and adventure as an asset to the rebellious insurgents. General Houda aims to start a revolution, but can he really stand a chance against the power of the Network? Can Tokai keep his forbidden crush in check? And will one of Kurteck's genius schemes ever pay off?

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